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Monday, November 17, 2014

How To Access Phone When Forgot Android Pattern Lock

Now our New Generation Use The Android Phones And They Use Pattern Lock To Lock Their Phones But When We Forgot Pattern Lock So What To Do? So I Am Telling u A Trick With That U Can Unlock Your Pattern Lock Without Password Or Google Account.

1. Turn Off Your Android Phone And Remove The Memory Card 

2. Now Hold The Volume Buttons And Press On/Off Button

3. Now Select "Restore" or "Factory Restore" By Using Volume           Buttons With This Your Phone Will Turn Off And Restart Very       Soon

4. If It Ask This Question So Select Yes Delete All Users

5. Wait Till It Restores The System After It Is Restored Fill Your         Desired Information Like Country,Time,Date 

Now Congratulation Your Phone Has Restored And Remove The                                           Pattern Lock  


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